Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thrifting and Shopping, great finds.

Today me and my mom decided to go to Crossroads Trading Company. A place that gives you the ability to buy, sell, or trade clothes. If your looking for great ways to save money then I highly suggest you visit any store closest near you. I always find something here for a great price.. Today I bought my forever 21 high waisted skirt, I saw it and decided to try it on since I should be buying clothes other than shirts. I fell in love with it! Although it fits me a little tight I will use it as a motivation to start hitting the gym more often. :) So it works out! I also found the American Eagle denim long sleeve, at first it didn't look that great. But I told myself my number one rule, which is.. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT ON. So I did and what do you know? I loved it! My total came around to $16... And I was really satisfied with my purchases. I also applied to work here since I will be literally be moving one minute away from my nearest Crossroads, I have an appointment tomorrow at 6. Wish me luck! :)

As you may have read with another post below, I really really am motivated to design my own Shabby Chic style room. If your not sure what it is, Google image it and you will know what I am talking about I promise. At first I was wanting a rod iron bed, from an antique store. Or just a regular wooden white painted head board and foot board. While me and my mom were on our way to our new house we saw a thrift store, let me just say one thing. I LOVE THRIFT STORES! Because you never know what you will find! And to my surprise, I found a bed frame, for $10! I am going to make a project out of it and paint it white with gold accents, starting in a couple hours. I will show the ending product when it is all done. Thanks for reading..


  1. Nice finds! Can't wait to see how the bed turns out.

  2. oh my word your blog setup is amazing i love it so much!! im currently in the process of redoing my room! im making my own headboard and what not so im psyched. great post!! :))


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