Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thrift Store Haul

Hey everyone! :) I have put my first haul video on Youtube. Unfortunately i'm a little sick, so I look pretty tired. :( but other than that.... I'm pretty excited! And remember, thrift store shopping isn't always easy. And you have to look more than twice to find nice things, ALSO my number one rule in shoppng is that you have to try things on. You never know if you'll love something until you try it on. Hope you all enjoy, thanks for watching.



  1. Hi!!!

    Just found your little blog and already love it! Love your style and this video shows you're such a sweet girl!

    That being said, I absolutely LOVED that dress!!And the red blazer...which I totally want and never would have the courage to wear haha!

    We don't really have thrift stores in Portugal and that really sucks!! But I love the concept of being able to find old/used things that are still in good shape!

    xo Rose

  2. Thank you so much! I'm very happy that you love it, I appreciate all the support. But the red blazer is my favorite. It doesn't have to be something you wear every day basis, maybe you could use it for an interview it's something that will make a statement. Either way, i'm glad you loved my haul :)

  3. Really great finds! I esp. love the Express blouse!

    Lindsey Turner


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