Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Room Tour

What better way to start off the year with a little hectic schedule, trying my hardest to juggle school, work, track & field, and a social life can be exhausting. It's been a good year so far. And for that I have found time to create my perfect room. I wish a lot of people posted room tours, I mean it's interesting to see what kind of designs and organizations people can have. I have been pretty OCD with my clothes rack, and suprisingly they arent color coordianted (yet...haha) but I have no clue why I am like this, but I am pretty sure there are many other girls out there like me who care a lot for clothes and personal style. Take a look, xoxo.


  1. I love the clothing rack! You seem to have some amazing clothing pieces. Where did you find branch jewelry holder? Cute pictures hun

  2. wow, your blog is beautiful, love the roses :)

    would you like to follow each other?

  3. These are so pretty! You've got a lot a nice collection elegant vintage items in your room :)

  4. The clothing rack is the BEST! I really need one because my closets getting full :P


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